New screenplay is written by Jun Maeda, who to start with devised the newest series

New screenplay is written by Jun Maeda, who to start with devised the newest series

Brand new art manager try Kazuki Higashiji, and you will Kanami Sekiguchi mainly based the type structure found in brand new comic strip to the Na-Ga’s unique activities. Sound and you may songs guidelines was on course by the Satoki Iida.

The opening motif is actually ?Bravely Your? of the Lia in addition to ending motif try ?Yakeochinai Tsubasa? (???????, “New Wings that wont Getting Burnt Down”) because of the Aoi Tada. ?Rakuen Made? (????, “So you’re able to Heaven”) of the Exactly how-Low-Hello is employed just like the finish motif regarding occurrence around three and you will five.


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Charlotte employs the story from four college students in an alternate facts from Hoshinoumi Academy, a school established to protect college students that have special performance one establish during adolescence, as they look for and you will cover someone else eg him or her through the The japanese.

This type of students were Yu Otosaka, a man toward power to control another individual, albeit just for 5 mere seconds and just whenever personally looking at the mark, Nao Tomori, whom spends this lady capability to become undetectable to one person she decides in order to persuade others to listen her, Jojiro Takajo, into the capability to move really easily so it’s feel like teleportation, and Yusa Nishimori that is usually had from the their inactive pyrokinetic sister, Misa, due to the girl ability because a method.


1 “In my opinion Regarding the Anyone else”
A small % regarding teenagers keeps onsets regarding special results. Yu Otosaka deftly spends a strength which takes more an effective target’s looks for five seconds to live the school longevity of an enthusiastic award pupil, and gets recognized into a great prestigious senior high school. Simply when Yu is about to live a steady lifetime during the senior school, a lady entitled Nao Tomori looks just before him.
2 “Melody of Anxiety”
Yu unwillingly acts utilizing the student council and you can works amok so you can safer those with special show. That it provides so you’re able to white why Tomori is set to satisfy scholar council requirements during the face regarding danger – a history connected with a cruel fate one to anticipated a potential wielder.
3 “Like and you will Fire”
Pointers about the a separate element wielder is at Yu in addition to energetic pupil council users. Within lookup of people having several results regarding spirit fingers and pyrokinesis, Yu and you can organization comes across a specific pop idol.
4 “Minute of Earnest”
Every piece of information away from a potential wielder one to Kumagami relays for the scholar council at the time Yusa transfers to the Hoshinoumi Academy affairs to a high school baseball pitcher you to Tomori already got the lady sight into the. Their element is telekinesis. Against a beneficial pitcher that utilizes their capability to pitch just what you’ll become titled diabolical testicle, the fresh Hoshinoumi Academy beginner council challenges him to a game regarding basketball and also make him prevent this.
5 “The newest Voice You Heard A little while”
In doing what away from Kumagami once the a sign, brand new pupil council participants remain a great stakeout in the middle of the newest hills where a beneficial wielder from another function supposedly hangs away. As they spend their big date barbecuing and you may angling, Yu results in the songs of ZHIEND due to Tomori’s music player.
6 “Pleasure You did Not Notice”
The location of the new ability wielder according to Kumagami was the condo where Ayumi was currently home with a cold. Ayumi tells Yu and Tomori who came to see how she was doing about the nightmare that she had.

Tomori, thinking that the newest dream’s info shall be a tip inside the figuring away Ayumi’s feature, informs Yu to attract from the items in Ayumi’s dream of this lady.

7 “The conclusion the Exodus”
Yu, crestfallen by the fact that he missing his nothing sibling Ayumi, shuts themselves alone into the his domestic and incisions most of the communication having the exterior business. Doubt possibly the alarmed college student council members you to stumbled on check to the him, Yu guides an excellent dissolute lifestyle in order to find looking in advance of your.
8 “Encounter”
Yu, starting to accept Ayumi’s death, attends school for the first time within the sometime. Truth be told there, the guy discovers spirits into the a college lifestyle who has not changed from prior to. Upcoming, the guy works out being required to attend an effective ZHIEND real time gig by yourself with Tomori, however, on your way home out-of college or university that date, the guy bumps towards a different-appearing woman carrying a white cane.
nine “The nation that is Not Here”
Yu looks like heading to a beneficial ZHIEND live gig alone with Tomori. This new performances starts additionally the audience heats up, but Yu feels a mystical feeling inside the heart.
10 “Plunder”
Yu’s government Shunsuke has got the capability to dive because of date, however, has lost their eyesight away from by using this ability many times, which will be no more able to utilize their fuel. Therefore, now Yu has to take his larger brother’s set and rescue Ayumi.
eleven “Charlotte”
Kumagami and Medoki are available just before Yu Otosaka once he properly rescues Ayumi. Inside the laboratory place which they grab the sisters to help you, Yu finds out the reason behind the episodes of unique abilities. Kumagami next growth information regarding a separate ability wielder and thoughts to help you Hoshinoumi Academy, but.
twelve “Promise”
The loved ones regarding pupil council and you can Ayumi come visit Yu exactly who was hospitalized from his wounds. Included in this try Tomori. While in the their talk with Tomori, Yu produces an excellent certatin decision.
13 “Memory in the future”
The choice one Yu tends to make will be to plunder the skill of all past wielder regarding a unique function on the planet. It’s an option that give salvation to every feature-wielder, but at the same time, it is an alternative that produces Yu shell out a massive speed in return.

The new event begins with Kumagami advising the group the location of a mind reader. It browse the and get a woman, Iori Sekiguchi. The team agrees it would be best to possess Nao and you may Yuu to deal with her case.

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