Later, Gray follows Gajeel as he takes the other Dragon Slayers and their Exceeds underneath the Domus Flau

Later, Gray follows Gajeel as he takes the other Dragon Slayers and their Exceeds underneath the Domus Flau

However, Zirconis soon sobers, and explains to the group the history of the Dragons, explaining that the Dragon Slayers are the reason for their disappearance, and that Acnologia himself was once a Dragon Slayer too, before he overused his Magic and turned into a beast

In addition, he is surprised when he hears about Milky Way, a spell Wendy believes she can use to communicate with the Dragons. [294]

When Gray arrives, he is shocked to discover the area is a Dragon graveyard

Gray watches as Wendy draws a Magic circle in the dirt, and stands back as she chants to activate the spell. When the surrounding Dragon skeletons begin to shake, Gray asks if the spell is safe, but Wendy is concentrating too hard to answer, and eventually locates a soul, which she latches onto in order to summon forth Zirconis, the emerald Dragon, his huge form and roaring scaring the living daylights out of the group as he charges towards them. Instead of attacking them however, the huge beast merely laughs at their reaction and continues to joke with them, threatening to eat Wendy, much to the groups annoyance. Shocked by this information, Gray and the group move to ask Zirconis for more information, but the Dragon soul vanishes and Wendy loses touch with it. When Gray comments that everything has become quite out-of-hand now that they know this information, the Dragon Slayers present begin to fear a fate like Acnologia’s if they continue to use their Magic, however, before anyone can speak about it, Arcadios and Yukino appear from the shadows, the knighted man stating that such an outcome is impossible. He continues to ask if the group has ever heard of Zeref’s book of dark Magic, and Gray instantly thinks of Deliora. Continuing, Arcadios states that he believes Zeref was the one who turned Acnologia from man to Dragon, and that if they get rid of Zeref, Acnologia will follow. [295]

Upon seeing Arcadios and Yukino, Gray wonders why a high-ranking member of the Fiore Army would be in the catacombs and listens as Yukino states that they will be able to defeat Zeref and Acnologia with their plan, before following the two of them to Mercurius. [296] Upon entering the castle, Gray comments on its size and, upon hearing of the purpose of the Grand Magic Games, wonders if they have been stealing Magic every year. [297] Upon being shown and told of the Eclipse Project, Gray is shocked and quietly wonders about it. [298] Surprisingly, the army shows up and surrounds them as Darton approaches and orders the arrest of Lucy, Arcadios and Yukino, much to Gray’s shock. [299] After Natsu’s failed attempt to save them, his Magic Power is sucked from his body at which point the Fairy Tail Mages are ejected from the castle, but told that they may have an audience with the King if they win the Grand Magic Games. [300]

When they return to the lodgings, he and the others explain to Makarov and Laxus about Lucy’s capture. Gray says that they can not be sure if they will get Lucy back after they win. [301] Gray strips and listens to the others as they discuss why would the King not capture them. [302] The next day, Team Fairy Tail, consisting of Gray, Juvia, Laxus, Erza and Gajeel, enters the auditorium declared as first place so far. [303] As the announcers explain the rules for the final day, Gray and the rest of the team listen in. While talking, Gray explains that aside from rescuing Lucy, they have another reason to win the games, with Laxus finishing that it’s to make up for seven missing years as everyone joins in a group cheer. [304] When the games start, the members of the other teams scatter but Gray and the rest of the team stay put, much to everyone’s surprise even as battles rage. [305] Soon after multiple Mages are knocked out by opponents, Mavis explains that she presented them with a strategy for victory and gives them the command to go, at which point they rush into battle. [306]

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